I recently bought one of your lighted pictures for my father who is in a nursing home. He had spent his entire life farming. Of all the gifts we have bought over the years, none has more meaning to him than your lighted picture. The lighted picture we bought is from his earlier farming years. He has developed Alzheimer's and he is now in that stage in his mind with the disease. Your lighted picture has literally brightened his spirits and memories of that time during this point in his disease. Thanks for providing us with one of the greatest gifts I could give my father. It's made this illness a little easier.


I purchased a lighted picture from you for my husband for Father's Day. He and my family were so overwhelmed that I need to purchase two more for my sons who are continuing to run our family farm. Thanks for making a beautiful picture that fit our family's lifestyle.


I purchased a lighted picture from your company a short time ago. My friends and family were amazed. I now need to buy 3 more to keep peace in my family.